CASANTICA rural tourism bed and breakfast is a grand country house dates from the mid-800 and still keeps intact the prospectus in the Neoclassical style. Main residence of a noble feudal family owning large tracts of land, was originally one of the largest and oldest buildings in the area. Inside the structure there is the main chapel covered with a dome where the priest celebrated private Masses for the Lord family members, has walls 90 cm thick stone and a stone spiral staircase to the floor above, private residence of the parish priest.

We wanted to give new life to this historic structure turning it into a bustling business offering accommodation and high quality catering services based on optimization of rural traditions and culture of the Sicilian farm.

CASANTICA rural tourism bed and breakfast offers a friendly and makes available, in addition to the structure to accommodate guests, a garden of 3000 square meters full of orange trees that color the cold days of winter, ready to be collected directly from customers to obtain the genuine juices or to be eaten as a fruit. Also there are olive trees and producing extra virgin organic olive oil and put at the disposal of glass samples.

Part of the garden is dedicated to recreational sports area for total relaxation of the guests, in fact during their stay can play table tennis, table football and relax strolling under the trees, it is also planned to build a swimming pool.

Recreational and cultural activities are guaranteed by the equipment of an area is placed outside in the large courtyard in front of the building and both internal to organize exhibitions, dance and film evenings.

The reception always active 24 hours at 24 offers guests availability for any type of need.

There is also a large parking lot.